An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo,

It’s been hard to miss the ongoing “Start-up NY” TV advertising campaign that promotes the benefits of new regulation and tax policies designed to encourage businesses to relocate to upstate NY. We support this message and these efforts.

As you know, New York has more ski areas than any other state in the country, and the economic impact of this sector is significant.

Your own office estimates the impact of Gore and Whiteface at $100 million per year. A 2015 study conducted by RRC Associates of Boulder Colorado concluded that NY ski areas added over $900 million to the state’s economy each year through both direct and indirect spending.

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Top 10 Adventure Lodges around the globe

Think you can now for check in? If you’re headed to these kinds of lodges built for adventurous travelers ready to hike farther, Dive a greater depth of, And climb higher you want to add scuba gear or hiking boots to your packing list before heading to the front desk.

From an ice fjord high above the Arctic Circle to luxurious bungalows in Costa Rica’s tropical wilds custom browns jersey, Guests have front row seats to see some of the most remarkable places.

And the view is only some of the draw. After a stunning arrival by bush plane, Zip pipe, Or compacted excellent skiing conditions bike, Prospects can spend their days panning for gold, Riding on an horsemen, Or security the seafloor from an undersea lab. These extreme lodges range from ultra luxe to functional, But they have one thing in common they’re perfect base camps for adventures a person can have.

Perched close to the UNESCO protected Ilulissat Icefjord, This four star hotel is a cozy jumping off point for expeditions in the non plus ultra north custom jets jerseys. Guests in Hotel Arctic’s echoing, Modern igloos can listen to the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier creak and groan as it flows the particular sea, Slowly filling the fjord with islands of imposing ice and snow.

The Northern Lights flash together with long Arctic winter, And for several weeks of the year, The midnight sun bathes the landscape designs in a 24 hour glow. Bundle up to spot whales fishing in the nearby fjord, Or practice your mushing skills on dog sledding trips during the ice. Hotel Arctic is also ideal place to immerse yourself in Greenland’s Inuit culture by joining drum circles, Trying to practice Inuit singing, Or learning ordinary dances.

The Salar de Uyuni things 4,086 square miles across north western Bolivia, A stark landscape of frozen salt broken by islands of tree sized cacti and fossilized algae. At an height of 11,995 feet, It’s one of the world’s most extreme circumstances, And the light reflecting off the pale surface can be viewed from space.

So it’s only fitting that this hotel missing the Salar de Uyuni is built from solid blocks of salt. More than a million salt bricks were quarried from the encircling salt flats, Then processed into walls, Ceilings, Cabinets, And quality custom patriots jersey, Salty statues.

Guests at the hotel can spend their days going through the sprawling salt flats in off road vehicles, Cycling all through perfectly flat expanse, And going to the ghostly train cemetery, Where left behind cars rust in the Bolivian sunshine. What can’t you need to do at the Palacio de Sal? It’s from the hotel rules to lick the water soluble walls.

Watch out for jaguars and sloths from your own private bungalow at Pacuare Lodge, A National Geographic Unique Lodge around the world, Set deep in Costa Rica’s pristine jungle.

Guests can reach the lodge overland bouncing over unpaved forest tracks in a four wheel drive vehicle or arrive on a whitewater river raft, Paddling the course III and Class IV rapids of the Pacuare River to the hotel’s location.

Every part of the Pacuare Lodge was designed for minimal impact on air, Including the work the lodge does with scientists studying the area’s jaguars and reintroduction of howler monkeys into the encircling jungle. Spend your days at the lodge rappelling down thrilling, Hiking routes used by the native Cab community, Or shooting the rapids of the Pacuare River with a local whitewater guide.

Jules’ Undersea LodgeYou’ll should find out to dive before checking into the Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Because this Florida resort is only accessible with full scuba equipment.

Altered from a former undersea marine lab, The lodge’s compact guest suites feature hot baths, A bathroom, And an accumulation books and movies. Aspiring scientists can also join the continuing scientific research at the site’s MarineLab, A enveloped research station.

Viewing portals offer an amazing window to the sea, But you’ll have all you need inside the lodge. While rooms are stocked with basic kitchen sources, There’s no need to prepare dinner a scuba diver arrives at the lodge each evening carrying pizza in a waterproof delivery box.

Don a climbing harness for the trip to this high slope resort, Where guests sleep in transparent pods coupled to the edge of a high cliff above the Peruvian landscape.

The only way to the Skylodge Adventure Suites is blending zip lines and hiking trails, Or by rising a 1,312 foot like a ferrata, A series of metal rungs and cables fixed instantly to the rock.

During the snowy the winter season, Guests can join local herders for reindeer safaris while using forest or take icebreaker cruises across the frozen Bay of Bothnia In the summertime, Since the sun doesn’t fully set below the horizon between the end of April through August in the area, You’ll have all the time in the world to ride x-country on a Finnish horse, Gather fresh seafood and wild berries in the forest, And hike the trails of Urho Kekkonen domestic Park.

Any holiday, Guests can soothe sore muscles in the hotel’s original Finnish smoke saunas. To add an extra layer of reliability, Do as the local tech do: Pair time in heat with a bracing plunge into nearby water. Whether or not it’s frozen, Staff will cut a hole along with the thick ice.

Norden CampSleeping in the yak hair tents of this locally owned and operated camp offers visitors a taste of non-renewable an life. In point of fact, The actual is open to an nomads, Who graze their herds on the fields surrounding this alpine camp in the winter months.

Norden’s customary kitchen serves hearty spreads of yak milk, Hand pulled crackers, And flatbread hot from mud brick ranges, Using organic ingredients from surrounding farms and pastures.

Take your time at Norden Camp exploring nature or culture: Ride a an horse on the open valleys, Spend a day with an area nomadic family, Or watch out for the endemic birds of the an Plateau on an all day birding excursion. Just don’t leave Norden Camp without a visit to the nearby Labrang Monastery, Where monks study the Gelug historic of an Buddhism.

Bode Miller Wins the Downhill at Beaver Creek

Advertisers spend a lot of time trying to fuse the words “effortless” and “skiing.” Flip to an ad for Beaver Creek in Ski Magazine and you’ll probably find a pampered skier making silky turns across a canvas of untracked corduroy. Just like a professional dancer, he or she has probably trained for years to produce a smooth performance.

{YouTube Video Removed}

Enter Bode Miller. He may be popular with the ladies, but his skiing is anything but smooth. Just listen to the yelling in the start house as Miller prepares to throw his body through every turn in the course ahead. The finesse is there, but he’s not afraid to look like he’s trying.

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