NY Alpine Ski Areas

NY State is home to more ski areas than any other state in the United States. There are varied choices from the Olympic trails in the Adirondack Mountains to the snow belt areas near Buffalo and Syracuse to the sharp peaks in the Catskill mountains to the small feeder areas still left in the NYC metro area.

The NYC metro area now has 2 ski areas left in NYS. Mt Peter and Thunder Ridge offer all the amenities found at the larger areas and are great places to learn how to ski and get your ski legs back.

Heading just up the highway are the Catskill Mountains ski areas, located about 100 miles north from New York City. There are 4 very different ski areas in operation in the Catskills. All theses areas off large verticals and acreage and receive 110″-165″ of snow on average each season. This area is home to some of the most visited ski areas in New York.

the Adirondack Mountains start an hour north of Albany. Located here are 2 of the larger ski areas in NYS and a handful of smaller areas. NYS owns and operates Whiteface, home of the 1980 Olympics and Gore Mountain. There are also 4 smaller areas and (4) small community tow areas.

On the Western side of the Adirondacks is the Tug Hill Plateau. This area is home to some of the largest natural snowfall areas in the East due to the lake effect snow coming from Lake Ontario.

South of Syracuse there is a cluster of mid sized ski areas that also benefit form the lake effect snows that come from Lake Ontario. These areas can have some of the best early season skiing due to lake effect snow.

The Western NY ski areas benefit from lake effect snow from Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. These ski areas are built on long ridges and can have large acreages of terrain. One of the most visited ski areas in NY, Holiday Valley, is in the wonderful ski town of Ellicottville. Ellicottville is also home to one of the largest private ski areas in the US, Holimont.