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National Weather Service data as a body of work is art. No other country compiles and provides this depth of weather information.

The NWS has segmented the entire US into 122 sub-sections that you can drill down into and mine for specific weather information. It’s gold if you are chasing snow.

We’ve added this national weather page to give skiers a quick look at where the action is, across the continental US. Images and maps are primarily national. With our outbound links, for now, we’ll focus on New York, ALY, the East, Quebec, Colorado, Utah and the Pacific Northwest.

Other changes:

  • Our New York page is designed as a starting point for those who want to ski in the state.
  • The Albany page will now be more strictly dedicated to NWS ALY. We will continue to post the daily weather synopsis at the top of this page.
  • Quebec, Ontario, Gaspe, NH/Maine, and Mt Washington pages have also been added.
Day 2 Forecast Day 3 Forecast Day 4 Forecast Day 5 Forecast Day 6 Forecast Day 7 Forecast
Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
NWS Forecast Discussions
Today US High Temp Tonight US Low Temp
Today’s High Tonight’s Low
6 Hour Snowfall Forecast 18 Hour Snowfall Forecast 30 Hour Snowfall Forecast
6 Hour Snowfall 18 Hour Snowfall 30 Hour Snowfall

24 Hour Precipitation Forecast Map 72 Hour Precipitation Forecast
24 Hour Precip Forecast 72 Hour Precip Forecast
6-10 Day Temperature Forecast Outlook 8-14 Day Temperature Forecast Outlook
6-10 Day Temp Forecast 8-14 Day Temp Forecast

If you’re like us — and just the fact that you made it to the bottom of this page proves something — you’re craving ski weather forecasts, maps and information.  NYSkiBlog Weather Center has the basics every eastern skier/adventurer needs from the National Weather Service, Environment Canada and other sources.

We’ve included point forecast maps, radar and short and medium-term temperature, snowfall and precipitation forecasts. We’ve also included links to webcams and ski reports from across New York, and all of ski country. And every morning at 6:45 am we update the NWS Albany weather synopsis.

NYSB Eastern Weather Pages
NY State Albany Burlington Quebec Gaspe

We want these pages to be a go-to source for ski weather info. If you’ve got ideas about how to make our NY Ski Weather more valuable, post your ideas here on the blog, or in the Weather Page Thread in the NY Ski Forum, or email us. Note: Small maps click to enlarge.